Looking for someone to help with your grant writing and application process? Look no further than Grantable! Our marketplace of elite freelance grant experts can be hired to help with a range of tasks, from prospecting and writing to reporting and consulting. With years of experience across subject areas, our experts are highly qualified to help you win the grant you need to grow your business.

The Grantable Marketplace - A community of elite freelance grant experts

Grantable has a community of elite freelance grant professionals who can be hired to help with a range of grant-seeking tasks including prospecting, writing, research, reporting, and consulting. Experts have profiles that include information about these helpful individuals including their experience, subject expertise, grant types, and featured grants they've worked on.

How the Grantable Marketplace works

From your Grantable dashboard, you can access the Marketplace and quickly hire an expert by following these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to the Marketplace from your dashboard.

2. Search profiles according to subjects you need help with.

3. Send a message to the grant writer.

Why you should use the Grantable Marketplace

The biggest advantage of hiring someone directly from Grantable's Marketplace is speed. Once they join your project, they'll instantly have access to the materials in your Attachments, your Granules, and the powerful search features that will allow them to immediately begin working together on grant proposals with you.

Grantable also handles payments and administrative tasks like generating 1099s for freelancers to do their taxes.

Grantable also interviews the experts in our marketplace to ensure they have experience working with a range of clients and to identify their expertise in particular subjects.

In general, there are many advantages to hiring skilled grant professionals to help your organization win more grant funding. These individuals can become your most effective fundraiser and save you a lot of time. Experienced grant experts have a keen eye for opportunities, and can help you improve your writing, and hone the strategy of your grant-seeking program. Read more here.

How to get started with the Grantable Marketplace

The Marketplace is always available for Grantable users and is accessed from your dashboard. Simply post a job, evaluate experts who submit proposals, and hire them! They'll be added to your workspace and can dive in with your team immediately!